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What is a Renewable Energy Source?

A renewable energy source (e.g. sun power, wind power, etc.) Energy that can be replenished at the same rate as it is consumed or has it has an unlimited supply.
Renewable Energy Resources
Non-renewable Energy Sources

What is a Non-renwable Energy Source?

A non-renewable energy source either cannot be produced as quickly the source is consumed or it has a limited supply.

Is Propane a Renewable or Non-Renewable Source?

Propane is a non-renewable energy source.

Why is Propane a Non-Renewable Energy Source?

Petroleum and natural gas are formed from the remains of animals and plants from times of Pangaea. They cannot be produced at a rate of which can forever support our needs. So, petroleum and natural gas are non-renewable. Propane is a small fraction of that. Propane takes even more time to produce.