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Is Propane Good or Bad for the Environment?

It really depends on which way you look at it.

How is Propane Good?

We are always looking for more efficient energy sources that are environmentally-friendly. Propane provides abundant, clean energy for homes and businesses. Propane is cleaner burning than coal, oil, or gasoline, and it usually costs less. Propane combustion does not emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and produces no sulfur dioxide. The lesser emissions contribute less to acid rain. Also, since propane evaporates very quickly at atmospheric pressure and temperature, it has little effect on groundwater or soil.

How is Propane Bad?

Propane may emit less carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, but it still has emissions. Those emissions can add up to literally tons of emissions a year. Also, propane, unfortunately, is non-renewable, so it will not last more than a few decades to a few centuries.